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About Us

Helping businesses achieve their digital marketing goals

ARC: Active Results Collaborative is the brainchild of Cheryl Rak and Robin Read Griffin. In late 2019, Cheryl and Robin decided to join together to create a digital marketing agency that included both their expertise, in the Summer of 2020 they made it happen! Like-minded community values and complimenting skill sets in the digital creative space bring a unique approach to mentoring and helping our clients. 

We provide the strategy and execute the creative to better position your brand. Empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their marketing and branding efforts. Helping local businesses and Entrepreneurs with their digital branding transformation. Learn how to make your business thrive and increase customer loyalty.

Our Team

Meet the dynamic duo that is behind ARC: Active Results Collaborative. Each bring expertise to the company that ensures all aspects of the digital marketing mix are covered when we are retained for agency services.

Robin Read Griffin

Director of Sales & Marketing

Cheryl Rak

Director of Operations

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